Three key candidates in the Toronto election selected by TCRP;
    Calls for volunteers to tilt the balance

    A Toronto city council with a majority of progressive councillors is within reach, according to Nick Fillmore, a journalist who launched Toronto Council Renewal Project (TCRP) to mobilize support for candidates who want to make the city better.

    Three wards are particularly crucial, Fillmore says. “Great candidates are poised to shift the balance of power in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, Humber River - Black Creek, and Scarborough North.

    In the west end of the city, TCRP is campaigning hard to help Amber Morley in Ward 3. In the north’s Ward 7 it’s Anthony Perruzza, and in Scarborough it’s Felicia Samuel in Ward 23.

    Volunteers at TCRP are providing special support to candidates running in three crucial wards.  TCRP has volunteers working on-the-ground in all three wards, and is saturating the wards with Facebook, Twitter and email posts. So far, response has been good, but all three candidates need more volunteers and, in particular, donations.

    “Morley is ahead of the game: Because she spent the last three years working at city hall, she knows a lot about how the place operates,” Fillmore says. “She has been a dedicated social activist since she was 15 and began working part-time in social development in Etobicoke.” Visit her website to volunteer or make a donation.

    TCRP supports Morley for two reasons: “Because of her work experience, she will make an excellent councillor. Second, she is the only candidate who can defeat conservative Mark Grimes, who been on council for 15 years.” 
    Grimes’ voting record is mediocre at best. He was in favour of budget cuts that would hurt the quality of life for community housing residents. He also voted against adding 1,000 new beds in the 2018 Shelter Infrastructure plan. He even wanted to defeat the city's long-term climate action plan. But he was in favour of naming a stadium after Rob Ford.

    In Ward 7, Perruzza is a forward-thinking politician who continues to make a significant contribution at city hall. He has advocated on behalf of tenants and a licensing system for landlords, and he has been a strong voice on for residents in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood. He has also pushed hard  for increased public transit in North York. Perruza is committed to LGBTQ+ rights. You can offer your support or make a donation at VoteAnthonyPerruzza.com

    “There will be cheering in the streets if Perruzza knocks off rival: Georgio Mammoliti”, Fillmore says. Mammoliti’s behaviour is bizarre. The Toronto Star reported that Mammoliti “uses legitimate political tactics to ill-considered ends, mixing selective facts with exaggerations, half-truths, scaremongering and deception. As such he is among the more dangerous of the kind of politicians we can send to city hall.”

    In Scarborough’s Ward 23, about 90 per cent of the residents are people of colour, but has a non-white person ever being elected here? TCRP favours Felicia Samuel, a Black woman, to make history this election. With no incumbent in the race, Ward 23 provides a unique opportunity to elect a fresh face, and Samuel is the ideal community leader to bring progressive politics to this suburban ward. To support Samuel: FeliciaSamuel.ca

    TCRP believes in proper representation for racialized people. In a 25-ward system, historically disenfranchised groups will need to work even harder to have their voices heard. Samuel has the passionate and tireless work ethic to introduce a gradual change in demographics at City Hall. Her election can be the catalyst that brings diverse neighbourhoods together, dispelling the notion of self-imposed segregation in Toronto’s suburbs. 

    Fillmore appealed for more volunteers to help TCRP in the campaign to elect these three important progressive candidates. Email us at: torontorenewal@rogers.com



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