• It's time for big changes:
    Tory can't stop progressive from taking control of Council
    [Nick Fillmore | OpEd | TCRP]

    John Tory is a failure as leader of the City of Toronto. His conservative, do-little approach to city governance means that issues that were problems in the past are now at a crisis stage. Tory pretty much has control of council because he is supported by right-wing councillors that make up the majority of council. Tory and the right-wingers have failed to make meaningful progress in fighting issues such as child poverty and a lack of adequate housing. Toronto has the highest rate of child pov…

  • Three key candidates in the Toronto election selected by TCRP;
    Calls for volunteers to tilt the balance

    A Toronto city council with a majority of progressive councillors is within reach, according to Nick Fillmore, a journalist who launched Toronto Council Renewal Project (TCRP) to mobilize support for candidates who want to make the city better. Three wards are particularly crucial, Fillmore says. “Great candidates are poised to shift the balance of power in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, Humber River - Black Creek, and Scarborough North. In the west end of the city, TCRP is campaigning hard to help Amber …

  • We Can Help You  Decide Who To Vote For! 

    Wouldn’t it be convenient to know which candidates in your Ward had a progressive approach and which of those had the best chance of winning? It sure would help you to make your voting decision. We are part of huge cross-city campaigns to elect progressive councillors who will bring us better government. Our volunteer group has researched candidate in every ward, and selected a progressive to recommend in several wards – if 14 of them win, they will have control of City Hall. With a solid progr…

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